FAQs About School Age Programs

School-Age Programs from Creative Learning Academy

School-age programs at Creative Learning Academy help parents when their busy schedules don’t match up with their child’s. Our teachers offer before-and after-school programs to help keep your child enriched until you are ready to pick them up after work, running errands, or attending appointments. We have the number one rated curriculum in the state, awarded by the Department of Education in New Jersey, and are the best before- and after a school-age program in Morris County. Let us help with the stress of maintaining their schedule and yours while enriching their lives with life-long friendships and access to tutors.

CLA Answers Your School Age Program Questions

What are the age groups for your school-age programs?

We are very aware that Kindergarteners are not into the same things as 8th graders and vice versa. We coordinate activities and programs to help match their individual needs, keep them entertained, and enriched. We create an environment where they can relax, make new friends, and get homework done all before actually getting home. We promote life-long learning at Creative Learning Academy, so even when they are playing, they are learning new skills or improving others.

Will there be tutoring available for my child?

All of our staff were teachers or educators before working with us and can offer tutoring services to all of our enrolled children, no matter their age. We can do private or group depending on the needs presented by the children. If there is a group all from the same school, we can help them all, or if there is one student that needs direct attention, we will help them as well. All of our teachers come from education backgrounds and are committed to the philosophy of “life-long learning.” They make sure they are aware of changes in mathematical methods, new reading materials, and the latest technological advances in the classroom. Parents often get frustrated because of the way teaching methods have changed. They are only aware of the practices used when they were in school, or the material is entirely new to them. Lean on our teachers to get your students the help they need to succeed in the classroom.

Do you offer your school-age programs when school is not in session?

We are open Monday-Friday from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm to help you and your child when you need to work or have other things to attend and need a safe space for them to go. We understand that just because they don’t have school doesn’t mean you can get off work! We are open during fall, spring, and winter breaks to help you out. We will have plenty of activities to keep your child occupied and enriched. Plus, we can help with tutoring if needed and give them a space to complete schoolwork, and even offer activities to keep their skills in check.

Are your teachers prepared to help with my child’s social skills?

Students from all over Succasunna, NJ come to our facility for after-school care. We include students in all of our school-age programs from all different backgrounds. At Creative Learning Academy, we provide an arena for your child to meet many diverse children from different parts of town and encourage them to embrace new friendships. Our team building activities quickly bring the kids together and give them a reason to get excited about coming to before- and after-school care.

Should I pack extra snacks for my child, or will you provide them?

Before- and after-school snacks are available for students joining us at Creative Learning Academy. Allergies are a big concern now, so we ask that you please make us aware of your child’s so we can carry adequate snacks for them. Our school-age programs have many students from all over Succasunna, NJ, and we want to keep them away from other students who may be in proximity to allergic foods. We train our staff and prepare them to help should your child have an allergic reaction.

How does my child get to the Creative Learning Academy?

Creative Learning Academy has partnered up with Roxbury Transportation to deliver your child from their school to our facility. This relationship helps us stand out from other after-school programs because you don’t need to worry about transportation. After you finish your workday, errands, or appointments, rest easy knowing your child has made it safely to Creative Learning Academy in Succasunna, NJ and is being taken care of by our excellent staff.

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We welcome students from all over Succasunna, NJ, and provide them with a safe space to relax, make new friends, and get their homework done while you finish up your day. If you need more information or have questions that were not answered here, please reach out to us

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