FAQs About Our Enrichment Programs

After-school Programs from Creative Learning Academy

Creative Learning Academy offers specialized extracurricular activities as enrichment programs for children in the Succasunna, NJ area. We introduce them to learning and physical activities to supplement their current curriculum in their classrooms. These courses enhance their learning experiences and get them excited to come back to our facility. Additionally, they will teach other children at their school about their new skills, enhancing social skills. Our teachers help facilitate these classes, but we also bring in specialized outside instructors to help provide your child with the best education possible. We are devoted to broadening the scope of your child’s education by helping them learn in new ways. Creative Learning Academy gives them a more rounded education they may not have access to at their current school.

CLA Answers Your After-school Questions

What types of classes are offered in your enrichment program?

We offer many different enrichment programs at Creative Learning Academy to help expand the learning scope of children in Succasunna, NJ, and the surrounding area. We hope to bring them opportunities they may

We offer plenty of academic and physical classes to allow them to choose something that piques their interest. From learning about musicality in DJ Jam Cats, or building their endurance and flexibility in Stretch and Grow, to working on their social skills in Team Makers. We also offer general classes such as art, yoga, sign language, science, and more!

How much does each class cost?

Each class comes with its costs and requirements. Please reach out to us over the phone or stop by Creative Learning Academy to find out more about the individual costs and if there are any equipment or supplies requirements needed to attend. We are open Monday-Friday from 6:30 am-6:30 pm. You can call us at 973-668-4264 for further information.

How do these classes help my child?

We design and develop our enrichment programs for your child by offering extracurricular activates not regularly available to them in school. We have worked closely with our instructors and have contracted outside instructors to bring the best options available to Creative Learning Academy. We recognize some schools do offer these types of courses so students are available to extend their practice with the new skills such as playing instruments, mastering poses in yoga, or practice conversing in another language. They may find that taking these courses will help them perform better at school, making it easier to bring home better grades on their report card each semester.

Will my child get assistance with interacting socially?

One of the more popular enrichment courses we have available at Creative Learning Academy is the Team Makers course. It is designed to help children work together in a group setting. This teamwork allows them to speak up, make friends, and work together in a collaborative environment. Team Makers helps discern the difference between group activates and team-building exercises and how to appropriately interact with the children in the course within those parameters. Their carefully structured activities ensure engaging interactions and meaningful relationships are built to accomplish the goals laid out for the kids. Team Makers specializes in promoting and developing interpersonal skills and help bring the group together. If your child is having a tough time making friends or interacting in social situations, this may be the perfect enrichment program for them.

Do I need to purchase equipment for the enrichment programs?

Most of the enrichment programs at Creative Learning Academy come stocked with the equipment needed, but if you have any particular items you wish your child to bring, then please make sure they get securely packed with them. You may want to consider packing specific clothes for certain activities. Physical enrichment programs like yoga, soccer, tumbling, and Stretch and Grow may cause sweating and items like jeans or sandals aren’t appropriate for your child to compete to the best of their ability. While classes like DJ Jam Cat, science, computers, art, and Spanish come fully prepared when the students arrive.

How old does my child need to be to enroll in enrichment programs?

All children that attend the Creative Learning Academy have the opportunity to sign up for an enrichment program. Please reach out today to find out which classes are available for your child. While we do have classes for all ages, not all classes are all ages.

Reach Out to Creative Learning Academy Today!

We strive to start enhancing your child’s studies early on to promote lifelong skills throughout their educational careers. Please contact us for any additional information regarding your child and the specific enrichment programs they are interested in taking. If you have any further questions not answered here, we are available with the information needed to get your child enrolled. Reach out to Creative Learning Academy today!

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