After School Program in Succasunna NJ

School is one of the most important foundations for your kids as they grow up. From elementary school through college, there are many different phases, each with challenges and opportunities. From Kindergarten through 8th grade, the time after school is usually spent doing an after-school activity or going home after the school day is over. At Creative Learning Academy, our after-school programs are designed to give your kids a place to hang out, relax, work on homework, or further their learning in a range of activities and teaching settings when the school day is over. We’ve developed an integrated curriculum for different age groups full of fun, engaging, and safe activities. We know your schedule can be hectic and finding a place for your kid after school is important. At Creative Learning Academy, our after-school program is one of the most sought after in New Jersey. For more information on how to enroll and other details about our program, contact us today.

Transportation from school

Unlike other after school programs, Creative Learning Academy has partnered with Roxbury Schools to provide safe and reliable transportation from your child’s school to our after-school program. This allows your child to be brought to our after-school program directly from school without having to arrange for a ride. When you finish your workday, you pick up your child from our location in Succasunna, NJ.

Kindergarten to 8th grade and all of the stages in between

We know 6- and 7-year-olds need different stimulation and after-school activities than middle schoolers, who will soon be on their way to high school. Our after-school program is divided appropriately so your child is getting the attention and activities that best suit them. For our younger after-school participants, a range of games, group activities, and snacks are provided. For our middle schoolers, we provide a space for working on homework and receiving additional help with school projects, in addition to games and snacks. We aim for Creative Learning Academy to be a place to unwind after a long school day and have fun while continuing to learn.

A diverse group of kids

Because our after-school program is utilized by many families from around the Succasunna, NJ. area, one of the best parts of the program is your child getting to develop relationships with kids they don’t go to school with. Lifelong friendships can begin to blossom at our after-school program. It can be fun to hang out with friends you don’t see at school, and the kids at our after-school program have a reason to be excited at the end of each school day. Our dedicated staff is here to make sure your child gets the most out of the hours after school before they come home. From start to finish, our after-school curriculum is designed with your children in mind.

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Why Choose Us?

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