FAQs About Before and After-school Program

Before and After-school Programs from Creative Learning Academy

Creative Learning Academy, in Succasunna, NJ, offers your family the opportunity to give your child a place to stay before and after-school so you can go to work, take classes or just finish up your day. We provide an environment where your child can relax, get homework done, or further their learning through activities that we have constructed to be fun and thought-provoking. We also help to develop your child’s social development by offering team building activities and ensure that those activities are developed to meet each age range and children’s interests.

CLA Answers Your Before and After-School Questions

How will my child get there after school lets out?

Creative Learning Academy quickly realized that this may be an issue for parents. With everything you already have on your plate, how are you also expected to get your child to our after-school care program? Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of it! Unlike other after-school programs, we have partnered with Roxbury Schools to provide safe and reliable transportation from your child’s school to the Creative Learning Academy in Succasunna, NJ. Your child will ride the bus from their school and be dropped off at our location. This gives you ample time to pick them up after you get off work, after running errands, or when you are finished with any appointments.

What is the age range of children in your before and after-school program?

Creative Learning Academy accepts school children, from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Our innovative curriculum has something for every child and our instructors are trained to help them with various activities. Early learning, customized care and motivation to succeed are some critical fundamentals when creating an environment for children to learn, which is why we start accepting children at an early age. It’s a win-win situation for you and your child.

What type of activities do you offer?

When you enroll your child with us at Creative Learning Academy in Succasunna, NJ, you can expect them to be able to relax, have fun, make friends, and complete homework with tutoring if needed at our center. We aim to give them a place to unwind after the lengthy school day while giving them the opportunity to continue learning outside of the classroom environment. We offer activities based on needs and grade-level so that they can have a chance to be challenged. We also have many current and prior teachers available on staff to tutor your child in subjects they may be having difficulty with or to assist them with school projects and reports.

Are there tutors available for my child?

Our staff includes many teachers with in-classroom experience ranging from two years to two decades. Working with such a diverse group of children from all around Succasunna, NJ helps keep our teachers up-to-date on modern learning styles and changes in teaching methods. Creative Learning Academy wants to ensure your child’s success while they are under our care. We can help with homework, school project’s, or give them a quiet and relaxing space to get some additional reading done that will help them get ahead in class.

What are the hours of the Before and After Care Program?

Creative Learning Academy in Succasunna, NJ is open from 6:30 am-6:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We also offer our programs while your child’s school is on fall and spring break as well as when they are off for some holidays. We understand that just because they are out of school doesn’t mean you are able to get out of work too! We want your children to be able to have a safe and fun space during these breaks where they can continue to learn, have fun, and make new friends.

Will there be snacks provided or should I send my child with some?

We do provide snacks for all of our after-school program children. Children are also welcome to bring an additional snack of their choosing, but please remember that we are peanut/nut free facility!

Who can utilize the Before and After-school care program?

During regular school days, schools within the Roxbury School District are able to utilize our program and take advantage of our convenient transportation. When school is out for breaks, as well as some holidays, we are more than happy to provide care for children outside of the Roxbury School District as well. Diversity is what we consider to be one of our biggest strengths and allowing multiple schools to participate gives your child a chance to meet, interact with and grow relationships with children outside of their school.

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The team at Creative Learning Academy in Succasunna, NJ is excited to have your children join our Before and After-school Care programs! If you have further questions about the program, please give us a call today. Our staff is happy to discuss enrollment fees, further details about our before and after-school care programs and more!

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