Learn More About Our School Age Programs in Succasunna, NJ

If you have a child in Kindergarten up to 13 years old, Creative Learning Academy understands that your hectic schedule isn’t always in sync with your child’s. That’s why we offer school age programs in Succasunna, NJ, to help meet your needs. We have an experienced, helpful staff available to ensure that your child is kept safe and engaged in their time spent here before or after school. Because we understand that Kindergarteners require different stimulation than middle schoolers, our school age programs are divided into appropriate age groups, so your child will always receive the personalized attention and activities that best suit them!

Reliable, Convenient, & Accommodating Care for Children

No matter your needs, Creative Learning Academy offers the following school age programs in Succasunna, NJ:

  • Before- & After-School Care  Our before- and after-school care is the most convenient choice for most working parents with other obligations. Buses are provided by Roxbury schools to aid in transportation to and from our program, so you never have to worry about getting your child there
  • School Break Solutions  Just because your child has the day off doesn’t mean that you do, which is why when schools are closed for a school break, our program remains open.
  • Private Tutoring  Our team can help your child with their homework or review key concepts to assist them in their understanding of their coursework.

The Importance of Before- and After-School Programs

As more American families see the need to have two working parents, the necessity for before- and after-school programs has been on the rise in recent years. However, school-age programs are not just about mere convenience. Before- and after-school programs offer many benefits for parents and children alike, including:

  • Promotes Life-Long Learning  Enrolling your child in a school-age program promotes life-long learning. We’ve developed a program suitable for all age groups with many safe, fun, and engaging activities to keep them engaged!
  • A Safe Environment  You can rest easier knowing that your child has a safe place to go to before and after school when you can’t be with them.
  • Access to Tutors  We have private tutoring available to give your child the tools they need to succeed in school. Does your child need help with that challenging math assignment or that complicated term paper? Turn to our experts in education, so you can continue your focus on providing for your family. After-school programs provide a suitable environment for getting coursework completed, so your child can spend time with you when its time to go home.
  • Social Skills  Participating in an after-school program encourages your child to interact with other children in a more relaxed, social setting than the classroom. Because our school-age programs are open to families all around the Succasunna area, your child will be able to develop friendships with children from many other schools and not just their own.

The Best After-School Programs in Morris County, NJ

Are you ready to learn more about the best before- and after-school program in Morris County? Give us a call at your earliest convenience at (973) 541-8241. Creative Learning Academy would welcome your child to our school age programs in Succasunna, NJ, with open arms!

School Age Programs in Succasunna NJ

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