The Sound of Music is Children Learning!

Ahhh, summer vacation and music – don’t they go together like peanut butter and jelly??

There’s always that one musical hit of the summer, and every time you hear that song, even if you’re shivering in the winter many years later, it brings you back to that particular summer.

We happen to be in the month of August, which is where the sentiment for music and summer comes from; however, to state the obvious, music is important all year round.

We can all relate to the almost hypnotic trance that can be experienced when we hear a great (or particularly sentimental) song; for children, there is a layer of learning and growth that beautifully compliments each and every note. Hence, music and children go together like grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Dancing and Movement

Hearing the rhythm of a song, while naturally moving the body (a.k.a dancing) can significantly aid in the development of gross motor skills. The balance of hearing and moving, coupled with encouragement to “let go and just be, feel the music and be free,” also releases feelings of excitement, refreshment, and motivation to continue with the day.

Playing Music or Musical Instruments

Even toddlers can find meaning in a pair of maracas. Just shake along to the groove, right?

Some studies find that learning a musical instrument has been shown to improve mathematical learning, and in some cases, even SAT scores (down the road…unless you have a little genius on your hands.)

Playing a musical instrument has been shown to enhance hand-eye coordination, improve fine motor skills, as well as boost both their self-confidence and auditory skills.

Music Brings Happiness!

The bottom line, music makes people feel happy and blissful. Children do not yet have the emotional scars life can leave on our hearts (thank goodness for that!) but it can certainly bring child-like, blissful happiness to children and adults alike, as the freedom of singing and dancing can’t help but feel good, whether you’re the next big singer/dancer or destined to be an accountant.

Music can heal and touch any human being and can bring to tears infants, toddlers, tweens, teens, adults, and elderly people alike.

But who would’ve known it can also improve motor skills and enhance the progression of learning in the long-term? Now that’s what I call a bonus track! Learning and music go together like….well, what do we have left? Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate – what s’more could it be?